Silent Epidemic Trailer?!?!

Can this be true? Yep... Last week me and Kenny went up to Everett to pick up a POS trailer for the band. It was dirt cheap, had a couple of bad wood (didn't take pictures... looked like shit), but hell, it has wheels and it can fit all our gear. Just need a little TLC.

Trailer Pictures:

Now me and Kenny have been working our ass of this past week, not to mention the whole weekend on fixing it up, we did 2-3 coats of primer and 2 coat of black satin paint. So here are the progress pictures of the exterior.

Now for a teaser...

You'll see that rig on our next show all pretty and sexy... mmmmm... metalicious...

Puyallap Fair

Ann and Jon

Me and Ann
Goats in love...


It was crowded, traffic was horrible heading there.. but it was worth it seeing all the animals. Will I recommend going there? If crowded, no way... so many lines... so many people just made everything seem not worth it. If it wasn't crowded I will highly recommend it since there is so much you can do. Take a weekday off, don't go there in the weekend!