What's up with customer support these days? Does it piss you off as much as it does for me? I"m mean seriously, we're dealing with companys that have a crap load of money (microsoft, magellan, etc); yet when we call for support we get somebody that can barely speak any english on the other line who so happens to be located in India.

If I was a senator, or maybe president, I shall declare a new law:

The Tin Act
  1. All U.S. based company's telecom personals are requried to pass the Tin's fluency exams. This exams consist on the understanding and speaking of the english language.
  2. If your company is larger than 1000+ workers, all telecom personals are required to score at least 95% on the Tin's fluency exam. A local U.S. call center is required!
  3. If your company is smaller than 1000+ workers, all telecom personals are required to score at least 85% on the Tin's fluency exam. 50% Outsource is permitted.
  4. All company's outsource has to pass the Tin's connection quality test. Find the nearest Tin center to schedule an inpection.
  5. If your last name is Bush, or contains any word close to Bush (ie. bushes, hebrush, brushme, bushal) you cannot run for any political position.

I am law..... and I say...... #$%^$$%^&^%......

Tool 2007

My 2nd Tool show and one of the best shows I've ever seen. Everything was thought out and perfect! It was amazing. Me and Ann sat in the very FRONT row!! 20ft. from the stage! Here are the pictures, sorry they don't allow cameras so I had to use my phone.
So Close to the Stage!

Me and Ann are in total shock!

Tool is just about to take the stage!

Sooo excited!


Kick ass lights

It was packed!

Very Packed!

Laser Light Shows

Beautiful Stage Lights/Projectors... everything!

This is in my top 3 best shows ever! If you don't know tool, I'm may have to come over and bitch slap you! =)