So I'm finally posting up the pictures of my Brother's birthday party at the Cheesecake factory in Bellevue. So here they are!

Jon being his jolly old self with all them presents..

Ann's presents... what could they be?

A mini piggie! It's actually a key chain that has a super blinding blue LED light.

It's a Tupperware kit! Since Jon's loves packing his own lunch. Now he doesn't have to hunt for all those tupperware covers.

Time for my present, you can tell he's going to like it!

Of course I had to get him the newest game that he's been drooling about. Both me and Jon has played the series of C&C since we were in Hong Kong. Now he has the newest 2007 version!

So that it for the Jon's birthday photos, I shall leave you this picture to embed in your nightmares!


Finally an update!

Sorry I haven't been very diligent in posting events in my blog. A lot has happened, brother's Birthday, car repairs, other car repairs, wisdom tooth extractions... but I'll post more info on each as I get all caught up. I do however have some pictures I would like to share about my sister and my Mom visiting a zoo in their new home in Australia. Enjoy!


Happy April Fools!

This weekend especially Saturday was a blast! Me, Jon and Ann went to Jackson Park Golf Course to play 18 holes for a fun par-3 time. I ended up leaving the day with a decent score (tied with Jon) and 2 birdies! Sweet! Then it was movie hopping time! Here's my takes on what we watched (this includes a DVD we rented).

Blades of Glory - 8/10. The movie was pretty much as outrageous as Will Ferrell always seems to be in all his movies. From beginning to end it was completely hilarious and I highly recommend it to everyone. Please note that you have to have a pretty liberal mind watching this movie, don't expect something that has a perfect plot, nor for anything to make sense.

Shooter - 8/10. I didn't expect this movie to be as exciting as it was. With Marky Mark as an ex-Sniper, he definably showed that he can always play the part of a complete bad ass. The movie was pretty bloody with heads being shot off, dismemberment and such but it wasn't it a way where I was disgusted with. The plot was pretty decent with few loopholes but it's main purpose was to show the power of a highly trained sniper anyways. Overall a fun movie to watch if you are in the action mood.

Curse of the Golden Flower - 3/10. This film was too artistic for me. I initially wanted to watch it because I love Chinese fighting movies and this one seemed to fit my taste. Sadly enough, there was barely any fighting and the movie moved so slow that I wanted it to end after watching the first 30 mins. However, I do have to say that it was a very artistic movie, where the colors and directing was very beautiful. So if you are looking for a high pace action movie, this isn't it. If you're looking for something pretty to watch with a horrible plot, this movie is for you!

Remember that this is my personal opinion! Cheers!