Handicap Hell?

Holy shit it's sooo complicated… all the stupid formulas..

Ref: http://www.usga.org/playing/handicaps/manual/manual.html

First off, I had to learn what ESC is so I can post my score…  (Go to section 4-3), wtf is an ESC? It was confusing so I spent about 10 minutes re-reading it slowly.

Then it referenced a Course Handicap number which I don't have, so I had to research that (Section 10-4)

Then I had to find my Handicap Index since I'm a new player it's the max of 36.4 (Read Section 4-3 again)
"A player without an established Handicap Index must use the maximum Handicap Index of 36.4 for men, or 40.4 for women, converted to a Course Handicap, to determine a maximum ESC number."

So then I found the slope rating for Jefferson gc was 116, do I did the formula (See Section 10-4) which is (Handicap Index * Slope Rating) / 113 which for me is:

36.4 * 116 / 113 = 37.36 (Round down to 37)

Then I look at the fucking ESC table found in section 4-3 to find my maximum number on any hole (which happens to be 9) which in returns means that my max score on a par 4 is +5 (which I don't get), on a par 5 is +4 (which I don't get)… which pretty much means I did all of the above for NOTHING!

So in the end I just posted my regular freaking score… argh!!

I won't find out my handicap till tomorrow when the golf club I signed up with refreshes all handicap indexes..

Golfing in Canada

If any of you ever get the chance to go golfing in Canada, be sure to check out the Furry Creek golf course located 40 minutes north of North Vancouver. Me and Jon played on the course twice in two days due to the stunning view of the pacific ocean, mountains, and the Furry Creek of course! This is probably the 2nd most beautiful course I’ve played one (1st one goes to the golf course in Cebu, Philippines) and it’s also one of the hardest I’ve ever played on.

My only quirk is that the greens were not in as good of a shape as most courses I’ve played at. And for the the price of $59 (special rate via their website) which included green fees and cart, I was hoping for a better green. But overall the pace was excellent; 1st round – 4 hrs, 2nd round – 3.5hrs, and it’s definitely worth going back again.

Tis the Golf Season

So the golf season has started and I'm back in the swing of things, my gear hasn't changed much from last season except that I've added on some new goodies:

Taylormade Burner Tour TP - Stiff Shaft
Taylormade R7 Draw SW-3 Iron - Regular Shaft
Taylormade Rossa Putter
Ben Hogan 3 Wood - Stiff Shaft
Wilson 7 Wood - Regular Shaft
Golden Bear #3 Hybrid - Regular Shaft
Wilson Lob Wedge - Regular Shaft

iGolf Neo GPS Range Finder
OGIO Carry Bag
Clicgear Pushcart

From my past couple games this season I've hit around 92-100 for the round. I'm personally aiming to be 85-90s by the end of the season. :) I'm also in the process of purchasing a used set of Nike CCi Irons along with a #3 Hybrid, will post updates if that even helps my game as it's less of a game improvement club compared to the r7 Draws.

Wish me luck!

Lamb of God show...

Nothing is better than going to a kick-ass metal show with a bunch of friends, after three of us finished a fifth of Jager (Jason stuck to his sky vodka), we headed out to a long and exciting night. Here are some pictures!

It's been a long time Paramount!

A few pictures of why I love the Paramount..

My Good Friends
Jeremy, Ben and Jason

Me after a few more drinks

Me and Ben with the lead singer of GOD FORBID!

Since there was no smoking inside the venue and no re-entry allowed, people located to the bathroom to smoke. Personally thought it was dumb to prohibit smoking + no re-entry at a show where 90% of the audience are smokers..

And here's Lamb of God!

The "Wall of Death" during the last song Black Label

Hitting the Gym

So I decided to starting going to the gym and start taking my health a little more seriously and it's starting to pay off. :)
  • I now go to the gym 3 days a week for about 1.5-2hrs.
  • I've already gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks of eating a lot and exercising.
  • I've cut out smoking to only when I go out drinking with friends.
  • I've cut down drinking quite a bit as well.
All in all I feel a little bit better (not great yet) but knowing that I can last days without smoking is something I'm quite proud of. I'll keep this blog posted with my progress as I try to reach my goal of 160lbs. I started @ 142, and now I'm @ 151. Cheers!

Metallica - Enter Sandman

One of my favorite song by Metallica! Enjoy the lyrics (you probably have to cli!

Cat Verbally Om Nom Nom Noms

Too funny!

Cat Verbally Om Nom Nom Noms