Show Pictures!

Sorry it took me so long to post there but here are pictures of our show last Friday. It was by far the best Studio Seven show and the pictures (Taken by Mark Sixby) are very good! Enjoy!


Well it's that time again, nervous as all heck I'm getting ready to head to our practice space to pack up and head up for our first main headline gig down at studio seven. Wish me luck and that I don't blabber nonsense. I feel like puking... :P

Ozzfest 2007

Two months ago everybody was talking about how they're going to make this their "Summer Hit", going camping, checking out the bands at Ozzfest, and getting totally sloshed. Thanks to Ozzfest being free this year, TONS of scrappers got tickets first and are now selling them on eBay and craigslist, leaving all my friends ticketless and bummed out. It really pisses me off on how people are trying to make money off something that is suppose to be free! Argh!

Stupid people in crowded buses

Early today I was riding my usual bus from Bellevue to Seattle and it was starting to get pretty crowded when a middle age women who stood in front of me just decided to stop half-way on the bus because she liked her spot. As people were coming in thru the front it was getting more and more packed with the back half completely empty. Of course miss retard didn't feel like she wanted to move and made the other people walk around her which was very tough. "Please move towards the back of the bus" said the bus driver.... did she budge?... nope. At that time I wanted to grab my neighbor's newspaper, roll it up, and smack her over the head a couple times. We managed to get to Seattle in such a cramped manner and all I could think was how stupid she must have been...

God damn...

Congrats on your Graduation

Just wanted to say congrats on your graduation! And I hope to join the ranks of "Smart people" with you soon!

The Ultimate Golf Swing

Is not this picture below:
Click on the image to see the full size...
I love how my hair and shirt rides up after I hit the ball... such power! =P Yes yes, I know my upswing goes way to far back and I'm working on adjusting it.

The golf trio, the brother's Jon and Chris, and the gangsta girl Ann!!
Tomorrow I will post Ann's lovely graduation pictures... so stay tuned!

Tickets are here!

To the few readers who read this blog....

TICKETS ARE HERE FOR THE JUNE 22nd SHOW! Come find me so I can sell you one, two, or three.... ;)

The show is at Studio Seven and the doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00PM. There's going to be quite a few bands, some of them are good, some not so good.... right now I'm guessing our time slot will be close to the end of the show, *prays for headlining*. The tickets have our name on it, and has the show under our name so we must be headlining.... but noooooo the owner says it's still undecided... weird. But try and show up around 10:30PM and you should be good.

$7 presale from me, $10 at the door (not sure but $10 min), $absurd price @

Scary Rocky


Red September completed!

So fresh out of the studio I present the newest addition to our growing music arsenal "Red September". It deals with the IRAQ war, 911 and is basically a personal message our government oh how they have lost sights of their original goals.

Download or listen here:

Do you know, red September
It led everything to war

One life to kill another
One fate to be a slave
One life to be a murderer
One fate to fade away

Greed is set in the sights of our leaders
Filling their minds with pride and profit
Kill another make them bleed
Tell me now what have you become

Do you know, what is right, what is wrong
In the end of the night
Do you know, what is right, what is wrong
In the end of the night

The reason for war is the leaders we trust
Taking control, in the end of the night
The reason for war is the lies that they made
Taking control, in the end of the night

Please forgive me, I have no control
Don't deceive me, it's just you and me
It's just you and me
It's just you and me

So you think you can slave me to your dark corruption
So you think you can bind me to your hollow self-liberty

So play with minds and hunt your own delusions
Sacred purpose is the name of the game

We'll make our stand and will not fight for evil
We'll make out stand and save our brothers
We'll make our stand and will not fight for evil
We'll make out stand and save our brothers

I try to be the savior
I try to be the savior, when they, send me, and call my name
I try to protect the freedom, when they, send me, and call my name
This is a message for the white house of justice
Who sift up lies to play games with our mind

What is this for? Is this worth dying?
What is this for? Is this worth fighting?
What is this for

One life to be killed, One life to fade away x 3
One life to be killed, your life fades away

Remember red September x 2

One life to kill another, one fate to be a slave
Remember, remember, remember red September


Feel free to post comments on your thoughts....

Rocky Tin

Today I would like to introduce my little baby Rocky Tin. He was born on February 8th 2007 in Oklahoma and was flown to Seattle when he was just 9 weeks old! We aren't sure what exactly his breed is; I was told by the breeder he was a Yorkshire terrier but there were too many things that didn't follow that breed; his weight is 9lbs, big floppy ears, and a wide face. Our best guess is that he is a Yorkshire Jack Russell Terrier mix, and I couldn't ask for anything more. So far he's 70% house broken and he knows sit, stay, go to bed, down, leave it, drop it, let's go and go potty! These pictures were taken on my new camera!

Woot! A new camera!

So I finally saved up my money and got myself a used but very cool camera, it's a Casio Exilim 7.2MP Camera. That means I'll be able to post more pictures of my dog, golf, and weekend activities. Here's some pictures of my camera (I'm at work there's nothing much to take photos of):

It's really light, has a nice big screen, lots of cool features and presets for most occasions. Overall I like it a lot and can't wait taking pictures of Rocky!