Tickets are here!

To the few readers who read this blog....

TICKETS ARE HERE FOR THE JUNE 22nd SHOW! Come find me so I can sell you one, two, or three.... ;)

The show is at Studio Seven and the doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00PM. There's going to be quite a few bands, some of them are good, some not so good.... right now I'm guessing our time slot will be close to the end of the show, *prays for headlining*. The tickets have our name on it, and has the show under our name so we must be headlining.... but noooooo the owner says it's still undecided... weird. But try and show up around 10:30PM and you should be good.

$7 presale from me, $10 at the door (not sure but $10 min), $absurd price @