Why my neck tends to hurt....

Because I do this a couple hundred times a show...
(Look at the hair!)

Entertaining Music Videos...

Just wanted to share these cause I found them funny.

Nickleback - Rock Star (Lots of guests in the video):

KSE - Holy Diver Remake (So fucking funny!)

TV Upgrade, it's about time...



I'm so much happier now. Got my xbox back from repair with a 1 month subscription to xbox live, the HD DVD player hooked up and watched a bit of King Kong, and put in many hours on Gears of War this weekend. Good stuff.

Fucking Microsoft.... Pt. 2

Decided to call them again today to harass them more on how long it takes to ship my xbox and found out from them that my XBox console has shipped! Wow.... that last lady I talked to must have been retarded... However, because I'm so detail orientated, I wanted to find my tracking number but their automated system doesn't tell me what it is. So I asked for customer service and they placed me in a call queue.....

There is nothing more annoying that being stuck in line on the phone listening to stupid music and an annoucement thats says "You can find more information on your xbox repair status by going to service.xbox.com." of course I tried... and of course, their online system is a POS and errors out when I try to log in... I tested with 2 different computers and still the same issue. So I decided to stay in line.

1hr 45mins later I connected with an agent..... WTF WJDA:KJLSDLAIYSD(@!*&#)(!*@&#()!*@

At least I got the tracking number...

Fucking Microsoft....

I hate the xbox repair system. Here’s the timeline of events:

July 18th: Contacted Microsoft for a repair on my console

July 18th: Email notification that the box to put the xbox in has been shipped to me.

July 26th: The damn box finally arrives via UPS, 3 days shipping my ass… took them 8 days due to an address mistake by Microsoft.

July 19th: Shipped it out from our front office, took them 2 WEEKS TO PICK IT UP!!!! Stupid UPS.

August 7th: Arrives at the Xbox service center in Texas was told by CS that the repair will take 2 days.

August 13th: I called Xbox CS (took me 50 mins to get to a CS agent) and the xbox still hasn’t been repaired, she then told me that it can take 3-4 weeks to repair an xbox….. I was like “WTF, you’re kidding me!!!”, she said “no, we really want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But call back in two weeks to check the status”…. “can I help you with anything else?”…..

Ring of Death!

Great, just fucking great, two weeks later I’ll be back on the phone for 50 mins to get somebody who’s most likely going to say “Call us back later”.. Cheers Bill Gates, you made a great company that is comprised of outsourced CS who can barely speak English… 3-4 weeks to repair an xbox? I can get my CAR REPAIRED FASTER!!! That includes testing, quoting, billing, etc…. Here’s a suggestion…. Next time, put out a quality product that doesn’t require customers to spend so much time (which = money) on figuring out what’s wrong, bitching at the lack of warranty for a poor product, then spending 2 months to get it repaired…. Fuck…

From HDTV to Golf... AGAIN!

For some reason when I converse with my brother, we always end up going back to golfing. This was our latest coversation....

Chris: Hey Jon, I'm buying it $XXX including an antenna. Yes it has a tuner... :)

Jon: You're like way to anxious to buy an HDTV >_>

Chris: I want one, I want one, I want one! =P

Jon: I say wait at least till the football season starts :P

Chris: Hehehehe too late.... Football starts in a month.

Jon: I know when I'm in a losing argument.

Chris: We were arguing?

Jon: No... >_> I didn't say that. :P That was supposed to be a joke. :D :D I don't mind having an HDTV to be honest. Its just the price tag is insane.

Chris: Jonnny! You pay for it, you make x 1.5 my salary... heheh

Jon: Why would I want to spend that much on an HDTV when I can invest in HD Golf Clubs?? I'm seriously considering investing in the Callaways X-20s... >_> We'll see, let me think about it clearly. :P

Chris: High Definition Golf Clubs.... Where you can see clearly how badly you hit the ball... har har

Jon: Or... High Definition Golf Clubs... Where you can see clearly how well it goes up your opponents butt for making fun of the purchaser. Har de har har back :P Yours made me chuckle though ;P

Chris: If you do get the HD golf clubs, be sure to get a compatible HD ball so you can find your OB shots.

Jon: I.... can't...make....a....witty....comeback....

Chris: Well make sure your cables are plugged in securely then email me back.

Jon: Uh.. I don't need an HD Ball to locate where my OB shot is. I just need to locate yours, and mine will be 50 ft closer to the green from it. *ZING*

Chris: That's why you need an HD Ball, if you look closely and in higher definition, what you though was yours is actually mine. You should always check your ball bud... or pick up some HD balls at your local bestbuy.

Jon: Maybe you need to pick up some HD Balls of your own.. and a set of binoculars, weed-whackers, machetes, safari hunting hats, a weeks ration and a speed dial to your local search and rescue, so you can actually find your shot. .... and don't forget your tent and sleeping bag.

Chris: If I do manage to lose a ball, I'll just have you and your miss swings trim the lawn for me. ;)

Jon: May not be enough lawn left after you canyon-making practice swings....

Chris: I know, I cna't control my immense strength...

Jon: LOL

Jon: When I caddie for you. I'll ask you... "This is a good seven-shovel shot, but if you loosen up, I bet you can tunnel your way to the green with a six-shovel."

Chris: Lol.... har har.... you ended up as my caddie! =P

Jon: Touche ;p