So how much snow did we get?

A lot!

KR hosts great Christmas Parties

Don't know how they did it, but they always seem to come up with great ideas. This year it was Casino night! Lots of fun... of course the open bar helps a lot! ;)

Welcome to Seattle Angela!

So my sister arrived yesterday morning before 9AM to be greeted by a very very cold winter day here in Seattle. In Australia right now it's their summer with temperatures ranging from 80-100 degrees. We did have a wonderful home cooked dinner with Salmon, Steaks, Corn and Mash Potatoes and then relaxed to a couple games of Guitar Hero World Tour and Bomberman on my xBox 360.

It never cease to amaze me how fast she grows up. This December 28th she'll be turning 20 years old! Still have to figure out a nice Birthday present for her, but it's getting harder and harder as she's getting older. If you know my sister, feel free to give me a call if you want to hang out with a sweet, happy, kinda childish, girl. =D

Poor girl... but nice try!

Found this on the web... thought it was hilarious! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did...

You can actually see this on the Seattle craigslist by clicking here.

Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless.

Date: 2007-02-06, 2:24PM PST

I'll try to sum up a funny story that happened a few years ago:

I got a vasectomy.

I met a girl soon afterwards. She was nice and attractive but with a selfish streak that raised a big red flag. She was 32 at the time and I could practically HEAR her biological clock ticking. Regardless, she was a good lay, easy on the eyes, and reasonably good company.

I did NOT tell her about my vasectomy and I always used a condom with her to protect against STDs. She assumed, obviously, that the condom was only used for birth control. Silly girl.

We date for a few months. I never made any move towards commitment but she brought it up ocassionally. For me, this was a casual but pleasant relationship. For her - as I was to find out - it was part of life-changing series of events that she was planning very carefully.

Four months into dating, I get the "I'm pregnant" talk. She's going on and on about how the condom must have broke and now we really need to think about getting married "for the baby". She's positively giddy. She has a baby in her and she thinks she's gonna have a good meal ticket (me) to go along with her new 7lb annuity.

At this point, I'm just as giddy. I get to pull the reverse "oops" on her. I figured that she slept with some bad boy and got knocked up. Good thing I was using condoms! Better still that I have a serious mistrust of women who can't think beyond their own uteri.

So I wait a couple of days to "think about all this." I meet her again. I say I don't want kids and that she should have an abortion. I know where this is going and sure enough it goes there. She goes completely batshit insane on me. There were the usual insults about my manhood. There were threats of legal action. It was all very ugly and I was loving every minute of it.

Well, I let her stew for a few days. She leaves me nasty messages on my phone. She sends awful emails. I'm laughing hysterically.

It was time to drop the hammer. While she was stewing I was busy. First I get a notarized copy from the urologist who performed the vasectomy. Next I get a notarized copy of the TWO test results indicating a "negative test result for sperm" to show I'm sterile and shooting blanks. Finally, I get a letter from a shark attorney stating he has seen the other documents and is prepared to litigate against this woman if she continues to communicate with me in such an unpleasant manner. Also, the letter states that we will insist on DNA testing to show that the baby is not mine. I'm ready.

I meet with this woman at her place. I bring flowers and a small bit of jewelry to show I am willing to reconcile and assume my responsibilities as a new father. I also have stuck in my pocket the documents I have prepared.

She's all giddy again. Her plan is going perfectly - or so she thinks. We talk about our future. We have some pretty good sex. Then, as I am about to walk out the door, I ask her the $64,000 question. "Are you sure that this baby is mine?"

Well, she goes batshit insane again. Hell, she ought to. Her plan could completely unravel if there is ANY question about my paternity. Oh, she's really screaming now. How dare I question her morals. Do I think she's a slut. I'm just trying to weasel out of my responsibilities... blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I'm not really mad. I'm kind of embarrassed for her. But since she won't shut up and the neighbors can hear all of this, I ask her to step back inside and sit down. She sits on the sofa and calms down a bit. She is glaring at me with all the moral self-righteousness that only a woman can muster up. She thinks she has me trapped. She is 100% convinced her plan has worked. Oh, the tangled web of lies and deceit she has wrought around herself and I am about to hack through them with a few pieces of paper.

I reach into my pocket slowly. I extract the three pieces of paper and unfold them slowly and deliberately.

I tell her simply, "You're screwed".

Her look doesn't change. There is no way she can fathom what I have prepared.

I continue. "I am sterile"

Her look changes just a bit. Something is beginning to sink in. Naturally, she reverts to women's logic. "You're full of shit. You're trapped and you know it."

I hold up the letter and the test results. "Three months before we met, I had a vasectomy. Here is a notarized letter from him stating what I had done. Here are two test results showing that I tested negative for the presence of sperm. Blanks. I am shooting blanks. That baby inside you is simply not mine."

This woman is not to be swayed by logic and clear documentation. "Bullshit, those are fakes."

I was ready for that. "No, they are real. This last piece of paper is from my attorney. It's a simple letter to you that states if you pursue any kind of legal action against me for child support that I will insist on a DNA test to prove paternity, that is, to prove that your baby is not mine."

I give the woman all the documents. She reads them slowly, deliberately. With each passing second she can feel in her soul that she has made a very bad mistake. With denial swept away, she started to cry. It's a small cry at first. Then it becomes deeper and more painful. By the time she gets to the letter from the lawyer she is sobbing.

I had no sympathy for her. I turned and walked out the door. Even after I closed the door I could still hear her sobbing.

Epilogue -

I never heard directly from this woman again. I did hear through my friends that she did indeed have the baby. I also heard that the real father was some guy in a band she had met. I assumed that after 30, women stopped going after musicians, bikers, criminals, and thugs. Silly me for thinking the best of American women.

The Moral of the Story -

Get a vasectomy but keep it a secret.

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Digital Picture Frame Guide

Recently I received requests from people how I created my Linux Digital Picture frame out of some old laptops, I told them to search Google for a write up but apparently a lot of the write ups were too difficult to understand for a complete Linux newbie. So I've decided to post easy to follow (hopefully) instructions on how to build your own, you may have to Google for some answers but hopefully I snagged them all. So here I go!

An old laptop that has a CD ROM drive and a USB port
An internet connection (pref. high speed Ethernet)
The DSL boot CD from

1. Install Damn Small Linux
  • Insert the DSL boot CD
  • Boot from CD (may have to change BIOS settings)
  • When prompted, type "install" and hit the enter key
  • Type in your main hard drive which is most likely hda1 (try hda2 if hda1 didn't work)
  • Select no for multi-users
  • Select yes for ext3 file system
  • Continue to cleaning the hard drive and installation
  • Select Grub as the boot loader and restart the machine
  • On boot, select 800x600 as the initial installation
  • Leave the root and DSL password blank!
  • On the DSL X Setup, answer the questions accordingly
  • Congrats on installing Damn Small Linux! Be sure to eject the CD!
2. Grub Configuration
  • Open a terminal session and log in as root and type "nano /boot/grub/menu.lst"
  • Change the timeout to a shorter time (I recommend 3-5 seconds)
  • Edit the line below "Title DSL" and replace "noacpi" with "acpi=force"
  • If you laptop only supports 800x600, change vga to equal 788
  • Exit, save, and reboot
3. DSL Packages Install (Internet Connection Required)
  • Enable Apt by right clicking the desktop and going to Apps -> Tools -> Enable Apt
  • After it finishes the installation, open the terminal as root and type "nano /etc/apt/sources.list"
  • In the one uncommented line (the line without the ':' in the beginning), change "old stable" to "stable"
  • Save and exit the document
  • Type "apt-get update"
  • After the update type "apt-get install feh unclutter acpid"
  • After the update restart the computer
4. Configure the SlideShow
  • Open a Terminal as root and type "nano /usr/local/bin/"
  • Type as followed:

# This file is located at /usr/local/bin/
killall feh unclutter
unclutter &
feh -zZFr -D 300 /mnt/sda1/Pictureframe

  • Save and close
  • Type "chmod a+w /usr/local/bin/"
  • Type "exit" to logout as root, you want to make sure that you are logged in as DSL for the next step
  • Type "nano ~/.xinitrc" and comment out the line that starts with "dillo" by adding '#' in front of that line. Add the following below that line:

#dillo /usr/share/doc/dsl/getting_started.html.....
mount /dev/sda1 & &

  • Exit and Save
  • Shutdown, you're almost there!
5. Using this Picture Frame System
  • Load a USB Drive on a Windows Machine
  • Create a folder called "Pictureframe"
  • Place all the pictures you want to display in that folder
  • Take that USB drive and plug it in the Picture Frame System we just configurered
  • Turn on the laptop

The End of an Era

I am sad to announce that my band Silent Epidemic has decided to disband due to personal reasons and will not be playing anymore shows. Our recent self titled album will be posted on our website free for download on January 1st in high-quality format till June 30th 2009. Feel free to share our music to anyone or even rock out in your car on the way to work.

We've had a great ride and want to thank ALL our family and fans for supporting us the whole way. There is no way I can express in words how each of you have meant to us. Feel free to stay in contact with us by befriending our personal myspace page. Hope you all have a very Merry Metal Christmas.

A new record

I had to post this for the record.... ;)

During the 2nd round of the Tin's Championship, I finally hit below 90's! A few months ago I hit a 90 (+20) on a 70 par course at Jefferson, and this past Sunday I scored a 86 (+15) on a par 71 course at Bellevue Municipal. Needless to say, even in the rain soaked golf day of December 7th, I had one hell of a big ass smile on my face.

Updated gear list for 2008:
Ogio Golf Bag - $149.99
Clicgear Cart 2.0 - $199.99
iGolf Neo GPS Range Finder - $149.99
Taylormade Tour Burner TP Driver - $399.99
Taylormade R7 Draw Irons 4-SW - $399.99
Ben Hogan C445 Fairway Wood #4 - $49.99
Dunlop Fairway Wood #7 - $49.99
Golden Bear 3 Hybrid - $29.99
Dunlop Lob Wedge - $29.99
Golden Bear (Blue Magic) Putter - $29.99

Sorry for not posting updates

My personal life has been changing quite drastically these past few months and I've been really busy. I can't promise that I'll keep up to date posting but I honestly think I'm going to post less on this blog and create one that's a lot more fun (sorry my life is boring). ^^

What blog should I start?

The Adventures of Rocky the Charming
Random posts of Rocky's life (with pictures)

G33ks G@dg3t5 @nd M0r3!
Random posts of things I find interesting in the tech world

Laughing out Loud
Random posts of funny articles then I run in to from co-workers, friends, or just browsing the web....

Or maybe I should just combine all of the above and make a super blog! Hmmmmm....

Sorry China


My Golf Spree

Since I hit my all time low last week I've been doing pretty crazy in golf, here's my latest scores.

7/16 - 90 @ Jefferson Park, 5 Pars
7/20 - 97 @ Bellevue Municipal, 6 Pars

This is making me happy! Jon did really well too on Sunday (7/20), he hit a 102 which is ALOT lower than his normal score. Cheers!

Current Best Golf Score

I'm just happy to say that I finally broke my 100+ score to a nice 94 (+22) on Sunday at the West Seattle Golf course. I sank in a 50ft+ putt from the fringe and Jon said it was pure luck. Then I sank a 30ft+ putt again on the next hole followed by another. Hence my putter was given the name "Blue Magic" during this game.

West Seattle Golf Course Information:
Review: A very difficult course with a lot of hills on the back 9. Fun and pretty easy to get to since it's right off the West Seattle Bridge. I hope to play there again this season.

It has been my best golf game in years and I hope to beat that score again sometime this year. Wish me luck!

Current Gear for 2008:
Ogio Golf Bag - Thanks Ann!
Sports Authority Golf Cart - Thanks Dad!
Taylormade R7 Draw Irons 4-SW
Taylormade R7 Driver
Golden Bear 3 Hybrid
Golden Bear (Blue Magic) Putter
Dunlop 7 Fairway Wood
Dunlop Lob Wedge

Happy 4th of July

Hope you all had a great 4th! :)

It's been a while

Hmm... so what's new in my world....

Band is taking a nice 1.5 month break.
10 Track Album is coming out soon (RESERVE YOUR COPY!)
House is coming along (Will post pictures soon)
American Idol is over (My Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights are now open)
Lost is over (Thursday nights I'm open now)
Birthday is in 26 days and I'll be turning 24
Rocky is enjoying his freedom in the backyard
Jon's book is coming soon
Weather is crappy (need more sun please!)
I suck at golf now, need to go back to the range
Work has been getting more crazy
I can now add "Litigation Support" and "E-Discovery Database" as experience

Ok I'll stop.... I'll try to post more often so you don't get to see an ugly list like this one.

My Sister

This picture speaks more than any words on how I would describe my sister.... :P
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Rockstar Mayhemfest

Got my tickets this weekend.... EXPENSIVE! $135+ for 2 people! WTF!>!>!

Anyway, I'm very excited to finally see Slipknot. I was worried they wouldn't tour again since Corey Taylor is doing his own thing with Stone Sour. So here's the line up for those who don't know about this show.

15 bands, 8 hrs of music


I'm really only there for Slipknot, but I'm also interested to the bands in red live. Cheers!

My new iPhone

Since I saw the iPhone on sale about 2 weeks ago at the AT&T website for $250, I couldn't resist (due to my geeky tech savy cravings) purchasing it. It arrived earlier this week and have been playing with it for the past 2 days. The first thing I did of course was to hack it so that I can use my T-Mobile account with it; AT&T's 2 year contract agreement didn't quite sound so appitizing. It took me about five minutes to update the phone with the newest firmware v1.1.4. and about four minutes to unlock(user other mobile providers) and jailbreak(run unsigned applications) the phone.

First thing I thought was that it was a lot heavier than it looks; it's very very thin, yet it weighs like it has tons off technology stuffed in it. That makes me very happy of course. Second was how shiny and sleek it was.... I've been so scared of putting it in my pocket since I'm afraid of scratching the screen. But after reading this article,133636-pg,1/article.html, I realized that unlike the ipods, this phone has a great scratch resistent glass surface!

All in all compared to my Blackberry Pearl, it's a nice flashy upgrade. BUT!!!! The biggest issue is that it doesn't support push email currently and in my work enviroment I need to be notified the moment an email hits my inbox. I'm still debating whether I will be keeping this device, but since Apple says that they will be releasing software that will enable the push email feature to work with Microsoft Exchange, I might have to hold on to it till June and see.

Should you buy it? Well the price dropped from $499 to $399 recently for the 8GB model. If you don't care about the cost, I'd advise waiting till June when they release the 2nd generation of the iphone that supports the 3G network. If cost is an issue, $399 is not too shabby... I'm lucky and got it for $250.

As for the two year contract.... HA! Just go to an Apple store and say you'd like to buy the iPhone for a friend. They will give you an unactivated iPhone which you can hack and activate to your own cell phone provider (or I can do it for you).

It's been a lot of fun playing with this phone's iTunes, iPod, Maps, Safari, YouTube, Wifi, Bluetooth, NES Emulator, and camera. Hopefully I won't get bored of it soon.

Big beautiful screen!
3rd Party Apps!
Great Hacking Community!

Earphone jack is recessed which makes a lot of my quality headphones useless... :(
No push email or enterprise features yet... :(
Battery life isn't that great, last maybe a day of intensive use... :(
No bluetooth headset option (A2DP)....

T-Shirt Designs for SE

So I've been working on T-Shirt designs for my band for the past couple days. Using a sketch from a really good artist named Andrew Wood, here's some samples, please leave me comments on which one you like!

Looks like it's confirmed, the house is ours!

The home inspection was on Saturday and a bunch of minor issues popped up ranging from electric junction box needs covers, wire splices need to be sealed, fridge icemaker not hooked up to chimney raincover needs to be replaced. We sent the inspection report to the seller and he agreed to fix EVERYTHING! The seller of this property has been one of the nicest people we've talked to (out of all of the other sellers), he understands that this will be our first home and he's trying to fix everything before we move in. Here are some of the home's statistics:

Living Size: 820 sqft
Property Size: 4860 sqft
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Year Built: 1955
Basement: None
Sewer: Yes
Heating Source: Natural Gas
Annual Taxes: $1,722

Here are the pictures I promised to upload. Let me know what you think!

We are planning to repaint the bedrooms since they are too yellow for us. That and some landscaping and this house will be our home sweet home! There will be a house warming party once we've moved in and settled down (which means I need a nice BBQ and a covered patio). So check your email in a few months for your invitation!

First blog of 2008! Home sweet home!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything and you all must be asking (does Chris care anymore). Yes I do! The real question is... do you? ;P I've been so busy with the band (shows and making a full length album), BitWorks (my new company with my good friend Ben), not to mention my regular job! It's been a hectic year so far with what's going on, but I'm very very very pleased and happy to announce that me and Ann have decided to purchase a house together. We've been looking for the past few months, got declined on our offer on to different houses and finally got accepted to a house that we feel is the best one on the market. :)

The home is located in the Rainer area of Seattle (10 mins south of downtown), about 2 mins from lake washington and about 3 mins from the lightrail station which is expecting to be active in 2009!
The inspection is this coming weekend and I will post updates.

Here're some pictures (sorry they're so crappy, will take better ones soon!)