First blog of 2008! Home sweet home!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything and you all must be asking (does Chris care anymore). Yes I do! The real question is... do you? ;P I've been so busy with the band (shows and making a full length album), BitWorks (my new company with my good friend Ben), not to mention my regular job! It's been a hectic year so far with what's going on, but I'm very very very pleased and happy to announce that me and Ann have decided to purchase a house together. We've been looking for the past few months, got declined on our offer on to different houses and finally got accepted to a house that we feel is the best one on the market. :)

The home is located in the Rainer area of Seattle (10 mins south of downtown), about 2 mins from lake washington and about 3 mins from the lightrail station which is expecting to be active in 2009!
The inspection is this coming weekend and I will post updates.

Here're some pictures (sorry they're so crappy, will take better ones soon!)