From HDTV to Golf... AGAIN!

For some reason when I converse with my brother, we always end up going back to golfing. This was our latest coversation....

Chris: Hey Jon, I'm buying it $XXX including an antenna. Yes it has a tuner... :)

Jon: You're like way to anxious to buy an HDTV >_>

Chris: I want one, I want one, I want one! =P

Jon: I say wait at least till the football season starts :P

Chris: Hehehehe too late.... Football starts in a month.

Jon: I know when I'm in a losing argument.

Chris: We were arguing?

Jon: No... >_> I didn't say that. :P That was supposed to be a joke. :D :D I don't mind having an HDTV to be honest. Its just the price tag is insane.

Chris: Jonnny! You pay for it, you make x 1.5 my salary... heheh

Jon: Why would I want to spend that much on an HDTV when I can invest in HD Golf Clubs?? I'm seriously considering investing in the Callaways X-20s... >_> We'll see, let me think about it clearly. :P

Chris: High Definition Golf Clubs.... Where you can see clearly how badly you hit the ball... har har

Jon: Or... High Definition Golf Clubs... Where you can see clearly how well it goes up your opponents butt for making fun of the purchaser. Har de har har back :P Yours made me chuckle though ;P

Chris: If you do get the HD golf clubs, be sure to get a compatible HD ball so you can find your OB shots.

Jon: I.... can't...make....a....witty....comeback....

Chris: Well make sure your cables are plugged in securely then email me back.

Jon: Uh.. I don't need an HD Ball to locate where my OB shot is. I just need to locate yours, and mine will be 50 ft closer to the green from it. *ZING*

Chris: That's why you need an HD Ball, if you look closely and in higher definition, what you though was yours is actually mine. You should always check your ball bud... or pick up some HD balls at your local bestbuy.

Jon: Maybe you need to pick up some HD Balls of your own.. and a set of binoculars, weed-whackers, machetes, safari hunting hats, a weeks ration and a speed dial to your local search and rescue, so you can actually find your shot. .... and don't forget your tent and sleeping bag.

Chris: If I do manage to lose a ball, I'll just have you and your miss swings trim the lawn for me. ;)

Jon: May not be enough lawn left after you canyon-making practice swings....

Chris: I know, I cna't control my immense strength...

Jon: LOL

Jon: When I caddie for you. I'll ask you... "This is a good seven-shovel shot, but if you loosen up, I bet you can tunnel your way to the green with a six-shovel."

Chris: Lol.... har har.... you ended up as my caddie! =P

Jon: Touche ;p


Jonathan said...

Pwned. That convo made me laugh too much during work >_>

Brian saw it and chuckled too :p