In the recording studio

Well the past weekend I've been busy with the band burying ourselves in a recording studio and I'm planning to spend most of this week doing the same. The studio is a pretty nice place and very well thought out to the layout of everything. My friend Corey who's the owner the Perennial Studio by the UW really know his stuff and was really excited to help us get the best sound possible.

Right now we're doing a one song test with the studio to see if we're interested in doing a full length album with them in the future. So far in 3 days, we've tracked the guitars, drums, and bass and they all sound better than any previous recordings; and that's just the raw tracks!! The only one left is me!! Crap, I always get nervous recording and performing....

We were doing setup yesterday testing out microphones and listening to some sample takes and I was thinking "Damn I really sound horrible". I got more and more demoralized with each microphone until I got to the typical stage mic and instantly felt a lot more comfortable with my stance and posture so naturally I nailed it. Problem is, that's a stage mic, and the producer won't let me record with it since it doesn't have close to the quality as the rest of his vocal microphones. But he now knew what I was comfy with and set me up with a microphone I can't touch but at an angle where I'm comfortable at. And I nailed it again and this time it sounded way better than the stage mic. So my recording session is tomorrow night and hopefully I'll beat the crap out of the song!

I really need to invest in a digital camera so I can post pictures easily, texts bores me and probably you too!


Ben said...

I can't wait to hear this! What song did you do?

Christopher Tin said...

We ended up doing song 10, aka. Red September. Hey when are you moving back up to Seattle? ;)