Sorry for not posting updates

My personal life has been changing quite drastically these past few months and I've been really busy. I can't promise that I'll keep up to date posting but I honestly think I'm going to post less on this blog and create one that's a lot more fun (sorry my life is boring). ^^

What blog should I start?

The Adventures of Rocky the Charming
Random posts of Rocky's life (with pictures)

G33ks G@dg3t5 @nd M0r3!
Random posts of things I find interesting in the tech world

Laughing out Loud
Random posts of funny articles then I run in to from co-workers, friends, or just browsing the web....

Or maybe I should just combine all of the above and make a super blog! Hmmmmm....


Bodhisol said...

hey, happy holidays man. i say, all of the above!

jimruz said...

I vote all of the above, you can title it "Don't Call me Ma'am".