Allergy Madness

So spring is finally in the air.... and I mean literally. With tree pollen at the highest for the past two weeks here in the rainy washington state ( you could hear sniffing and sneezing all over Seattle as people are still trying to survive the work week. Kleenex sales must be hitting the roof by now since I've been going through boxes like an dog finding a truck full of bacon.

These little pollen grains have been giving me little sleep, itchy eyes, and a nose that runs like a waterfall. My girlfriend is probably thinking "#@%$ing allergies" since my snores have been dramatically louder due to the fact I can't breath through my nose! With 35 Million people in the US alone being affected by allergies each year, it's at least comforting that I'm not alone dealing with this. Now I've tried quite a bit of drugs to help me ease the symptoms (clartin, alvert, nasal sprays, nasal decongestants) but nothing seems to be making me feel even 90%. Worse of all, my asthma is effected by allergies. So imagine while you're sleeping, you already have a stuffed up running nose and itchy eyes, now add on 50% breathing capabilities and you'd be one pissed off tired dude in the morning.

However even through all this madness I still love spring here in Seattle. The weather is getting warmer, daylight savings kicks in so the sun sets at 7pm, tree's are starting to blossom, and most importantly.... the golf season is getting closer!!! I'm already dreaming golf (without having allergies of course), thus is heaven..