My 1st Car Accident

This past Sunday I got in to my first car accident after driving for about 8 years. I was going about 60MPH after merging from 520 to the I-5 freeway and was checking my left blind spot when the car in front of me suddenly brakes. Of course I wasn't looking straight ahead but luckily my friend in the passenger seat yelled "Um... Chris... STOP!" and I slammed on the brakes as I saw the car in front come to a complete stop. I had a good amount of distance from the car ahead, but apparently not enough as I watch the car in front come closer and closer almost in slow-motion. With my tires screeching I managed to slow my car from 60MPH down to approx 10-15MPH when I finally hit.

Damn, I thought to myself. I just got this car repaired from a parking accident my brother had recently, insurance is going to love me today. I turned on my emergency light, grabbed my paper work, and walked outside. This is the damage to my car.

As you can see by the black marks on the bumper, I actually went UNDER the car in front of me. This was very lucky since the other party didn't receive ANY damages besides a scratch on their rear bumper. Nobody was hurt, the officer that assisted us was very nice, and after careful examination of my car I decided to drive it home.

The damages to my car are all minor, mainly the hood, front bumper, under body plastics and wheel well plastics. There was no damages to the engine and not even the radiator! Phew!

Now I'm thinking, what if I was on my motorcycle.... damn that'd suck.


Maggie Malone said...

I feel so sorry for what happened to you. Imagine, you kept a good track record for eight years, then suddenly it's done! Anyway, that's life! The good thing was none of you got hurt from the accident. It would just add to your expenses and worries.

Maggie Malone